Cricket offers an exhilarating and sometimes controversial rule known as free hitting that allows batters to take an unthreatened approach when facing deliveries without fear of dismissal via traditional means. But what happens if an inning ends on such an interesting free hit and bowls out on it? In this article, we explore this aspect of cricket further and its rules associated with free hits Betjee pakistan.

Understanding the Free Hit Rule

Before we dive deep into our topic of choice, let’s briefly review what a “free hit” means in cricket and its cause. A free hit is given as a penalty when one or more bowlers violate bowling infractions such as overstepping their crease. When an umpire calls a no-ball due to overstepping, that next delivery becomes an “immediate free hit.”

What Happens on a Free Hit?

A batter may only be dismissed using two methods on a free hit: (1) Use of force against them by another team; and (2) having his bat or ball hit into play off-center field by opponent batters.

Run Out Whilst trying to run from the free hit, and they are run out by fielders, their innings are officially concluded and declared out – meaning the batter cannot continue their innings.

Obstructing the Field

A batter who intentionally interferes with fielders attempting to take a catch or effect a run-out may be given out; this situation, though uncommon, should not happen unintentionally.

Can a Batter Be Bowled Out on a Free Hit? Next up is to explore whether a batter can be bowled out from an unintentional free-hit. Here we find an answer both simple and surprising;

Yes, a batter can be bowled out on a free hit delivery if a bowler manages to strike their target stump and remove them out of their crease – as with any delivery.

But there’s a catch. Since it’s free hit bowling, bowlers must abide by a specific set of rules which include:

No-Ball Rules

A bowler must not overstep their crease when throwing, otherwise, this is known as a no-ball and should still count as a free hit against their batters. No dismissals may occur.

Legal Delivery

For delivery to take place legally, with the front foot landing behind the crease. Any violation such as wide ball won’t result in an out.

Umpire Decision, Consistency of Play

Cricket’s umpire is essential in upholding fairness and upholding rules of play; their verdict stands alone as the final authority on every aspect of play. Umpires play an indispensable part in maintaining fair play within their sport as they must judge whether the delivery was legal and whether batters have been dismissed due to bowler action. They provide important balancing functions between both team and spectator alike by maintaining equilibrium during gameplay and upholding the laws of cricket as a sport.


Though a batter may be bowled out on a free hit, specific rules must be observed by bowlers when bowling free hits. This rule was put into effect to give an advantage to batsmen; getting dismissed with such an act is relatively uncommon; nevertheless, cricket’s complexity keeps players and fans alike engaged and interested Let us now address some frequently asked questions regarding this complex cricket rule.


1. Can A Batsman Be Bowled Out on No-Ball Deliveries (or Free Hits or Regular Deliveries)?

No. Batters are not dismissed with no-ball deliveries (free hits or regular), either through free hits or regular deliveries; only through run-out can someone be dismissed off a no-ball delivery.

2. What happens if I get bowled but my bowler overstepped on free hit delivery and bowled out my batter?

In such a circumstance, even though they will appear as outs, they will still be counted not out and considered no balls on this delivery.

3. What other means exist to dismiss a batter on a free hit?

In addition to bowled-out and run-out dismissals, other means exist for dismissing batters on free hits including intentionally impeding field operations and obstruction.

4. What happens if a batter is bowled out but an umpire doesn’t call them out?

In these instances, it ultimately lies with the umpire to decide. If no call-out was issued by him/her then play may continue uninterrupted and they continue their innings as normal.

5. Can the fielding side appeal for a wicket on a free hit?

Yes, the fielding team can appeal for a wicket on a free hit if they believe a dismissal has taken place and believe an umpire made the appropriate ruling based on rules.

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